Calvinism’s Missing Contexts – Part 2

As we search the scriptures honestly and diligently to find answers to our questions about various issues about living in God’s kingdom we will sometimes find ourselves in deep waters. Sometimes we will stumble upon verses that seem to point us back to the conclusions of our Calvinist brethren. Verses that are clearly about predestination and divine election will seem to jump off the page. The reason for this is that divine election, predestination, the radical corruption of mankind, and other similar topics are taught again and again in God’s word. These doctrines are wonderful and reveal the loving plan of God for the human race in general and his followers in particular. It is not these teachings that are dangerous, but the false understanding of them which is promoted by Calvinism. Understanding them is very important if we are going to come to a well-balanced understanding of our faith.
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Romans Chapter 9 – What’s It About?

Who in the Body of Christ is not familiar with the debate over Romans 9? What disciple has not asked themselves, “Could I have rejected God’s offer of salvation, or did God predestine my salvation and make sure I accepted it?” Since the doctrines of Calvinism are hotly debated up until the present day, and the disciple is familiar with some of its arguments, it is hard not to read this modern debate into the Bible’s teaching in Romans chapter 9. The disciple sees his own reflection in the text. If Paul is not defending Calvinism, what is he talking about? That is what we will survey in this post.

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