What Does Hell Teach Us About God

It is common in our day to try and apologize on God’s behalf for the existence of eternal hell. Orthodox Christians are not bold enough to play around with the heresies that say lost souls will stop existing after death or that everyone in hell will eventually go to heaven anyways. But they still feel compelled to help God’s public relations campaign by softening the blow of eternal conscious punishment.

Since many Christians nowadays have basically accepted the idea that love is God’s primary trait, they find it difficult to say God is first and foremost motivated by love towards all, but he created an eternal fire for his enemies. Usually the argument goes something like this:

“God is so loving that he gives us free will. he will not violate this free will by making us live with him in heaven forever. So actually he doesn’t throw anyone into hell, he just lets them go there if they choose.”

Though this almost, though not very convincingly in my opinion, shows how a loving God could allow people to go to hell, it doesn’t deal faithfully with what the Bible teaches. Jesus said that we should fear him who can cast both body and soul into hell. And elsewhere we are told that Jesus will come like a flame of fire to bring vengeance on God’s enemies who do not obey the gospel. Continue reading “What Does Hell Teach Us About God”