The Righteous Judgment of God

The Bible teaches that God has prepared a day when the “righteous judgment” of the Lord will be revealed (Rom 2:5). But it is important for us to understand what “righteous judgment” means. Some who misunderstand the Word of God teach that God judges some men with mercy and judges others with justice. Calvinism brings the righteous nature of God’s judgment into question.  They seem to misunderstand the fact that God must always act justly and graciously. He can’t decide to forget about his compassion anymore than he can forget his justice. He is always guided by a sweet mixture of the two. All men will stand before the same compassionate and just judge. Each will be judged by the perfect mixture of those righteous attributes of our God. This is why the judgment we will all face is a “righteous judgment.” Continue reading “The Righteous Judgment of God”