The Problem (Evangelistic Bible Study – Lesson 1)

The Sinfulness of Man – Part 1

Read and Discuss:

Romans 3:23

All people have sinned. All have rebelled against God and His commands.

Jeremiah 17:9

The problem of sin does not start in people’s actions, but in their heart. God sees the heart is wicked. Even if people can control their actions, their thoughts and desires condemn them.

Genesis 8:21

The sinful desires of people start early in life. It is not something people have to learn to do; though know it naturally. Continue reading “The Problem (Evangelistic Bible Study – Lesson 1)”

The Solution (Evangelistic Bible Study – Lesson 2)

The Cross of Christ – Part 1

Read and Discuss:

Romans 6:23

Our problem is that God is holy, hates sin and will punish it; and that we are sinful, love sin, and so will suffer the eternal wrath of a holy God. Though there is no way for us to solve this problem, God in His great love for His enemies has made a way so that we cannot only escape the wrath of God, but so that we can receive eternal life as well. This gift of forgiveness and eternal life comes through Jesus Christ. Continue reading “The Solution (Evangelistic Bible Study – Lesson 2)”

The Response (Evangelistic Bible Study – Lesson 3)

Repent – Part 1

Read and Discuss:

Luke 13:3, John 5:14

Jesus makes it very clear that we must repent of sin or we will perish. People cannot live self-centered and sinful lives and be followers of Jesus Christ. Continue reading “The Response (Evangelistic Bible Study – Lesson 3)”