Trust, Love & Obey Jesus (Kingdom Salvation #8)

Conversion + Regeneration = Reconciliation

We have been looking at conversion and regeneration in the last several posts. These two things together result in reconciliation between individuals and God. Conversion is the turning of the heart back to God through repentance towards God, faith in Christ and identification with Him in baptism. Regeneration is the work of God by which we are accepted by God and indwelt by His Holy Spirit.

God Doesn’t Make Deals

Reconciliation is just the beginning of a renewed relationship. It is not the entire relationship. The goal is a Father/child relationship between the repentant sinner and God, reconciliation is the first step in this relationship, but not the entire relationship itself. In our day many have come to assume that the main goal of evangelism is to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ so that they can be justified. Once a person has received justification there is a sense of relief for the evangelist; the goal has been accomplished, the person is now going to heaven. This is a great error.

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