About Gospel Commission & AIM


Christopher C. Chapman

Brother Christopher was converted to Christ from atheism during his junior year of high school. He left for Asia as a missionary right out of university in 1998. Since that time he has been involved in evangelism, discipleship, leadership training & church planting in several countries. He is presently living in Indonesia as an evangelist and a servant to the Body of Christ in Indonesia. He is married to his wife Esther & has 3 children.


Gospel Commission



Brother Christopher founded Gospel Commission in 2021 when God called him and his family back to Asia. Gospel Commission is a teaching ministry that seeks to build up believers and local churches throughout Asia by training them to understand, proclaim and live out the Gospel of the Kingdom preached by Jesus and His Apostles. 


Amanat Injil Ministry (AIM)


In 2022 Brother Christopher founded Amanat Injil Ministry (AIM) to serve local churches in Indonesia in order to help them fulfill the Great Commission. AIM focuses on evangelism, discipleship & leadership training. AIM is a Christian ministry that seeks to teach the Bible without compromising on the essentials, while also walking in a spirit of unity with all true Christians and churches in spite of differences on secondary issues.

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