Audio Sermon: John/Yohanes 14:1-3 (PJ2 / EV)

Khotbah Penginjilan di Kampung Tubir, Paal 2, Manado (27 Mei 2022).

Preached in Kampung Tubir, Paal 2, in Manado on May 27, 2022.

Silahkan dengar di sini atau unduh. Minut 23:40 hujan mulai turun keras. Khotbah mulai lagi di minut 26. Khotbah selesai minut yang 36.

Listen here or download. At minute 23:40 the rain started pouring down so had to cover the speakers as best as possible. Preaching continues at 26 minutes and finishes at 36 minutes.

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