About the Lord’s Day



  1. On which day do Christians weekly celebrate their redemption?

Believers celebrate their redemption every day, but especially on Sunday; this is called the Lord’s Day.

  • The weekly celebration for Christians is called the Lord’s Day (Revelation 1:10)
  • The Lord’s Day is on Sunday, the first day of the week (Acts 20:7)
  • What do you like least about going to church on Sundays?
  • What do you like most about going to church on Sundays?
  • Share with the child why church is important to you.


  1. Why do Christians celebrate on the first day of the week?

Christians celebrate on the first day of the week to commemorate the resurrection of Christ which took place on that day.

  • Christians celebrate the first day of the week because that is when Christ rose from the dead (Mark 16:2)
  • What do you think it would have been like to see Jesus rise from the dead?


  1. How do Christians celebrate the Lord’s Day?

Christians celebrate the Lord’s Day by gathering together for corporate worship, worshipping at home with their families and spending time in personal devotion.

  • Christians celebrate the Lord’s Day by corporate worship (Acts 2:42)
  • Christians celebrate the Lord’s Day by worshiping at home with their families (Ephesians 6:4)
  • What are some things we can do on Sundays as a family to celebrate the resurrection of Christ?

7 thoughts on “About the Lord’s Day

  1. I came across your YouTube videos on the Hebrew Roots Movement and subsequently found your blog. Although I understand that errors and heresy can slip into the body in very subtle ways, I have always tried to avoid unnecessary arguments and hair-splitting over denominations. With that said, the HRM is something that I believe is more than a difference of denomination, interpretation or theology. Over the past year, I have engaged in a great deal of online debating with the HRM and it has been very interesting to see their positions and beliefs from a very “street level” perspective, which it seems that you have encountered yourself also. I have begun a blog that confronts these issues of the HRM, but my approach is a little different than most because my goal is to confront the HRM without ever getting into the direct topics of the Sabbath and feasts. The reason I have attempted this approach is because what I have noticed about the HRM is that they are not simply adding to the Cross and Redemption of Jesus Christ, but rather, their positions have been created because they have no context and understanding of what has been made available through the finished work of Christ. I have never met anyone yet from the HRM who has a complete understanding of the finished work of Christ so my objective is to expound on the effects and purpose of the Cross in relation to the error and lack of the HRM in those areas. Im sure that you may not agree with all my positions or arguments but if it interests you, you may check out my blog at:
    Clicking the menu screen will give you the list of articles. I am in the middle of an 8 part series of article called “redeemed or forgiven” that I hope to have finished in a few weeks. I enjoy your blog as well and will be looking over it some more whenever I can get away from mine. Take care brother.

    1. Awesome brother! I will check it out. I agree, it is worth fighting this issue & it does need to be addressed from a different angle since the HRM is already to argue on the normal lines. So I encourage you to continue to love people enough to speak up on this issue. God bless you bro!

      1. Ok, thanks. Same to you. I apologize if my comment sounded as if I was contrasting my approach to the HRM against yours. That was a lack of clarity on my part.

  2. amen…we might add all established denominations. Thanks for your insight. I myself have seen my own conclusions change as one continues in the word. Over time God’s word can change/renew ones mind and you can gain a different perspective than you once held. New to your sight…book marked it a few weeks back. I have been confronted by the Spirit of God and the word of God to be a disciple…devotion….obedience from the heart..that is what He is after. God wants my heart…ALL of it.
    How do I ensure I have done this ?? or continue to grow in this area ?? harlan

    1. Harlan How do we know if we have given our wjole heart & how do we continue in it? Good question! Dont know I have a complete answer. But the first thingi think of is “meditate on his law day & night”. Im referring to the law of christ exemplified in the sermon on the mount. The great commission matthew 28 says disciples are those “obey all he has commanded.” So matthew 5-7 helps judge us & gives us challenge to continue. Law of christ also summed up in romans 12, gal 5, eph 4-5 & elsewhere. Meditating on these helps us see where we are lacking so we can cry out for grace & pursue holiness on the practical level. The point of the new testament is practicing righteousness, not practicing philosophy:) This is of course only on aspect of the spiritual life, but it advice we usually dont get, so I throw it out there. 

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      1. thank-you. I have (limited) experience in 3 different theological camps. that’s why disciples theology and theological hermeneutics catches my eye/attention. These things speak to me in my faith life. I have discovered that all the camps can interpret the bible anyway they want and long ago b4 i arrived rehearsed..hired their own teachers,built their own seminaries and can support their doctrine “biblically”, thru their own lens. thru each camps perception. THE HONEST SEEKER TODAY MUST ENDEAVOR TO FIGHT THRU ALL THIS MAN MADE DOCTRINE AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE FACIING SQUARELY INTO AND ACCESSING THEMSELVES BY THE WORD AND NOT MAN”S INTERPRETATION. So because God has led me thru this experience, the latest breakthru for my personal walk….is what does the scripture say. THAT IS WHAT YOUR ARTICLE TEACHES.

        If I listen to a pure grace teaching…that one might consider extreme…and the teacher says ” I am a believer and the law (the 10) have no place in the church or do not speak to the believer today (am not under the law)…. that teaching is contrary to what God teaches thru Paul.
        Do we throw out the law ??…do we sin that grace may abound ??
        NO WE (the believer…the position of faith) UPHOLD THE LAW.
        You have mentioned FAITH as trust in and a commitment to follow. Paul says….but thanks be to GOD that you have become obedient FROM THE HEART to the standard of teaching TO WHICH YOU WERE COMMITED !! I aggree with you.

        OTHERWISE HOW can Paul say…it is not the hearers…but the doers who WILL BE …WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THAT STATEMENT if one does not have to be a doer. He never says the justification is because of the doing..he simply says ONLY THE DOER WILL BE !! JAMES says the same thing…if there isn’t any doing…faith is dead it is not complete. Different fruit but the point is the same,… one has to become a doer.

        I have struggled with romans for years bouncing it off all these different theologies and perceptions. one in the end has to read what it says. It means what it says. If I say I am a believer…and trust in the finished work of Christ ALONE (i use this because this is used alot today) but PRACTICE or own LIFESTYLE that Paul exposes in 1cor6 or gal 5 …I have a problem !!! that is what the book says. THE MISSING PART IS THAT I HAVE NOT BECOME OBEDIENT FROM THE HEART !! (i actually believe THIS is where the significance of “repentance toward God” lies). Confession and repentance are not interchangeable for me, as so much of the church testifies. To me repentance represents a submission to the authority, to the persons of and the word of God. This is my world and these are my rules and I LOVE YOU. I want you to understand the rules…I want you to change your mind and your natural inclination toward sin….understand your circumstance and understand what Me and my Son and the Holy Spirit have worked out on your behalf…change your mind and attitude toward Me and love me back ! . I’m trying to help!! I see this as the plea of God. Are we willing to listen or not ? Now how this evolves and how the Spirit works this is not the subject now. The subject is what is the attitude and the response of SAVING FAITH as testified in the scriptures !! who is the object and what is the substance.

        Am I all wet here…or am I listening or seeing scripture as it is ??

        HOW CAN I SAY …I BELIEVE GOD and trust his word and testimony…and because of that I trust HIM…AS ABRAHAM DID..(howbeit the revelation different at different times). So I trust His testimony about His Son ….I have faith in Jesus…but I don’t believe His warnings given thru Paul. Either I believe He is God and I believe ALL that He says…or not…I don’t get to pick which parts I choose to believe and ignore the parts that prick my conscience or maybe condemn me.

        I actually see another conflict between Paul and James…I believe Paul teaches that the one who is obedient from the heart…walks in the NEW life of the Spirit…is no longer under the condemnation and penalty of the law…however that same person cooperates with the Spirit of God and owns volition toward obedience to the 10. James “works ” in context ( helping a brother in need…abaraham offering his son isaac ) are fruit of another color…not obedience to the ten. obedience to the 10 cannot justify…because exposure to the 10 will ALWAYS reveal failure and galations says that the 10 are a whole…..if i break one…i am guilty of all…i am cursed. I only see the contrast between Paul and James as different fruit. The teaching about the substance of saving faith is consistent. ONE must be a doer !!

        I believe that Paul is saying a person MUST BECOME A DOER..but you are not justified because of your doing…you are only justified because of the work God the father,of my SON JESUS and the Holy Spirit.

        I love you just becase your heart for God is big enough and you care enough just to ruespond to someone you don’t even know.

        Let me know your thoughts …I have recognized and struggled with the fact the true seeker has a lot to sort thru in these days. But His word says …seek and you will find !! The Holy Spirit still will lead a seeker to the truth….but denominational perception and christian radio/TV can leave a young and immature believer very fustrated, complicate and confuse the process of understanding the WORD of God.

        Understanding HIS revelation opens the door to salvation to ALL

        I do meditate on His word…I am glad you mentioned that and trust He will cause me to continue. It is nice to have council from another that encourages.

        Satan uses the very “CHURCH” to accomplish his goals. thank-you for caring. God Bless

      2. Harlan, Im excited yo hear you are struggling to be honest with the Bible. Basically “theology” is coming to the Bible & try to work out what it says in context, etc. The problem I found with that was that logically I can just about see everyone’s side on the issue. So I came to lack trust in my own opinion on such lofty  topics. In the end I was grateful to find the early church fathers (about 90ad – 300ad) didnt really practice theology as we do (I.e. Trying to figure everything out alone). I discovered that they had one “rule of faith” (orthodox creed) that unified them for almost 300 years. And they all accepted it, 100%. They didnt try to figure things out but wanted to faithfully hand down what they received. Anyways, this has changed me from a seeker christian (I was this for 20 years) to a believer christian. It has freed me up to know some things with absolute certainty & be absolutely content without knowing other things that the fathers didnt count as essential.  I wrote about what they believed in the series “an ancient faith” on the blog. I hope it health. I also wrote 2 posts on what paul calls works & what james callsfaith. I forget the title though. Be blessed bro! My email is kpdcjakarta@gmail.com if u wanna contact me there. 

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